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Become a Friend of Soil Born Farms

Join a committed group of local citizens, organizations, schools, and businesses that are collaborating to help us improve the quality of life for our entire community by making a generous donation. With your support, people in our region will have healthy meals at their tables every day. This is a direct cost-effective solution to the problems of hunger, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and many other health challenges that affect the quality of life for our families, friends and neighbors.


Everyone Needs Friends

We were advised by several successful social change organizations to avoid
getting bogged down with complicated membership structures or reward systems resulting in unnecessary administrative tasks and expenses. We decided to keep it simple. We want everyone to feel welcome and valued. Everyone who makes a donation becomes a Friend of Soil Born Farms. We focus on year-round benefits that everyone can enjoy – discounts on classes, invitations to special events, a free subscription to our e-newsletter On the Horizon and access to the American River Ranch. When you give a donation, we will publicly acknowledge your generosity on our website. By keeping the membership program simple, we are able to devote more of our time to programs and initiatives that are creating positive change. The truth is we are a local grassroots organization and we need the support of many to continue our work.


You Can Make a Difference

We have reached thousands of children, teens and adults with our programs by obtaining public and private grants. But we cannot operate on program grants alone. We rely on your donations to be a strong organization capable of meeting the challenges and opportunities in the coming years. Put your money where your values are! Help make this region a healthier place and be part of a local food system that is just, sane and sustainable.