Youth Education



The things I learned and did at Soil Born was good, hard work. We also did little hikes. We learned the minerals inside of the rock granite; we also learned names of flowers and native plants. We found animal tracks and animal scat.  Keilan and I planted the California Fuschia.  The things that I liked most were collecting rocks, sheet mulching, going on the nature hike, going to the river, and eating fresh vegetables.
- Ronnie G.


grow your groceries

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Farming Apprenticeship



The apprenticeship at Soil Born Farms has been more than a farming apprenticeship; it's also been like a Life 101 Apprenticeship. This is an exciting time that is overflowing with new experiences. I am learning so much about farming, myself, and I am having new revelations about life and sustainable agriculture.
-Cristina Martinez-Canton


Green Corps Job Program



I know that Green Corps will teach me a variety of farming skills. Already this month alone I have learned the process of crop rotation, cover cropping, building irrigation systems, and working on making organic foods more accessible for the overall community.  And that's just to name a few!
- Jacori Smith


Cooking Education



I enjoy trying new recipes that share healthy food. I have tried the recipes at home with the food given to us. I have also tried new ingredients that I didn't have an idea on how to make.
- Maria Gomez


Grower Support & Training



Thank you for supporting our agriculture project in Pleasant Grove this past summer. We are busy preparing the land and planning for next year, and hope you will continue to be part of our future. Your help has been invaluable in many ways.
- Milt Whaley