Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture & Education Project has always considered the “farm” to be the nucleus of the organization. In fact, a small urban farm is where everything began. Our original vision for the project was to create an urban organic farm that not only preserved and nurtured a plot of undeveloped city land but fostered a sense of community by reconnecting people with locally grown foods. We are consistently making great strides toward this vision.


hurley2The original Farm on Hurley Way continues to evolve and mature in its organic food production and food education activities.










The permanent preservation and development of our 55-acre American River Ranch site, begun in 2007, is a great community resource. Additionally, through the cultivation of collaborations and partnerships, Soil Born Farms has assisted in the development of new urban growing sites including small farms and community gardens. These food-producing resources provide healthy produce to areas in Sacramento with limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Through the replication of gardens and small farms throughout the county we hope to slowly assist in the creation of a truly “local” food system using sustainable food production practices.