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September 22, 2016


Produce This Week

Greens: Arugula (Terra Firma)

Roots: White carrots, Chioggia beets

Alliums and Herbs: Garlic, white onions (Terra Firma Farm), Mixed Herb bunches, parsley, green sage, purple sage, dried lavender, rosemary, basil

Fruit: Melons, watermelons, Shinseki Asian pears (Terra Firma), cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, sauce tomatoes, green tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, Sweet (flamingo, oranos, green bells, stocky red roaster, gypsy) peppers, eggplant, Butternut winter squash (Terra Frima), Delicata winter squash (Terra Firma), Acorn winter squash (Terra Firma).


Animal Kingdom: Eggs (Soil Born Farms), Beef, honey


Tentative: Baby Chard, cabbage

Other: Green beans, Potatoes (Terra Firma), Flower bouquets, shiitake and mixed packs (Dragon Mushroom), Seasoning Salts (Eatwell Farm), Jams (Harvest Sacramento and The Good Stuff), Almond Butter (Massa Organics), Rice (Massa Organics), Almonds (Full Belly Farm), pistachios (Terra Firma), dried apricots (Good Humus Farm), T-Shirts, Popsicles

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