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October 11, 2014


Greens: Lettuce, Red Russian Kale, Collard Greens, Mustard, baby kale 


Roots: Carrots


Tubers: Regular Potatoes and Fingerling Potatoes


Alliums and Herbs: Mixed Herb Bouquets, Basil, Parsley, and cilantro.


Fruit: Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Winter Squash and Pumpkins, Asian Pears (Otow Orchards), Quince (Otow Orchards), Persimmons (Otow Orchards), White Pomegranate (Otow Orchards), Jujubes (Otow Orchards), Apples (Hurley and Otow Orchards), Padron and Shishito frying peppers, various colored sweet peppers, hot peppers, green and colored bell peppers, eggplant (Italian and Asian). 


Animal Kingdom: Eggs, Beef, Lamb.


Other: Jams, Almond Butter, Rice, Almonds, T-Shirts, Popsicle.

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