Youth Education


At Soil Born Farms our youth education program focuses on experiential, hands-on learning in the natural world and in the kitchen. Activities include: field trips, classes, workshops, farm tours, summer camp and job training.

Students of all ages engage in experiences at the farm and along the American River Parkway where they learn valuable life skills that encourage healthy living.

All of our youth activities incorporate:

  • Gardening and Cooking
  • Leadership and Communication Training
  • Peer to Peer Mentoring
  • Natural World Exploration
  • Environmental Stewardship and Restoration Projects


Experiences at Soil Born Farms provide youth with a better understanding of what it takes to bring food from the farm to the table and helps all of us become more aware of the important connection between our food, our health and the health of the environment. This simple and profound discovery has the potential to create positive change in the world for generations to come, one person at a time.