Soil Born CSA Newsletter: The Digest

May 18, 2016


“I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download food”


In Your Box:

  • Red Kitten spinach
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Amadeus Broccoli
  • Farao cabbage
  • Red Ace beets
  • Red Russian kale
  • Napoli carrots
  • Amazing cauliflower
  • Snacking plums (Hurley Way farm)


Farm News
By Elle Huftill-Bazer


5 18_16_Youth_Ed_Team

Youth Ed Team at A Day on the Farm

This past weekend, we had our farm’s open house, also known as A Day On the Farm. Many community groups, local food vendors, face painters, musicians and craftspeople had booths through out the farm, offering information and fun activities. There were farms tours, 45 minutes classes on topics that ranged from ‘Having Chickens in Your Back Yard’ to ‘Growing and Arranging Cut Flowers’, taught by Soil Born staff as well as knowledgeable community members. There was wonderful food, music, games and the weather couldn’t have been better. The turn out was great! There were so many kids having a ton of fun! The line for the face painter was a mile long as was the line for the Strauss soft serve!

We have been doing some “house cleaning” of the farm for the past 2 weeks in preparation for A Day On the Farm. As much work as it was to get the farm ready, it really paid off with all the smiles and education that came out of the event. If you were able to come, thank you so much for participating, I hope that you had a fun time!!

In addition to all of those cool booths, tours, classes, games, and music, we also had our first farm stand of the year. The farm stand is officially open for the season, starting this Saturday, May 21!! If your CSA subscription is ending for the season with this box and you chose to not renew, that’s fine!! You can just visit us at the Farm Stand on Saturdays from 8am-12:30!!

Speaking of which, we are very grateful hat you all chose Soil Born Farms to provide you with your CSA box and that you chose to support this organization. We did hit a rough patch there for a while in the get go this fall season and I appreciate your understanding and sticking with us. Its not just a box of veggies that your money goes towards. That payment goes to support all of the important programs that are put on by Soil Born and we couldn’t do it with out you.

I hope to see your name on the Summer CSA list and if not, we’ll see you at the Farm Stand!!!


Featured Veggie: Spinach

5 18_16_Red_Kitten_Spinach

Red Kitten Spinach

Bright, vibrant-looking spinach leaves are not only more appealing to the eye but more nourishing as well. Recent research has shown that spinach leaves that look fully alive and vital have greater concentrations of vitamin C than spinach leaves that are pale in color. The study authors suggest that the greater supply of vitamin C helps protect all of the oxygen-sensitive phytonutrients in the spinach leaves and makes them looking vibrant and alive .  Although spinach is available throughout the year, its season runs from March through May and from September through October when it is the freshest, has the best flavor, and is most readily available. Spinach belongs to the same family (Amaranthaceae-Chenopodiaceae) as Swiss chard and beets and has the scientific name, Spinacia oleracea. It shares a similar taste profile with these two other vegetables, having the bitterness of beet greens and the slightly salty flavor of Swiss chard.


Featured Recipe: Baked Eggs with Spinach 


Dates and Notes
Bird Walk
Saturday, May 21 8-10am
We will experience a variety of resident birds along with winter, migrant, or summer birds depending on the season.
Instructor: Cliff Hawley
Price: $8 (proceeds supports the American River Ranch Restoration & Development Fund)

The Wonders of Fungi and Mushrooms
Saturday, May 21 12:30-3:30pm
In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn easy mushroom cultivation methods you can do at home to grow food, medicine and bring vitality to your garden.
Instructor: Matthew Trumm & Sarah Jo Michalak
Price: $30 (plus $10 material fee)
Sign Up:

Annual American River Herb Walk with Candis Cantin
Sat. June 4 10:30am-12:30pm
Come and join Candis for a fascinating herb walk in the American River Parkway. We will discuss over 25 plants for medicine and food. Please wear walking shoes and a hat.
Sign Up:

Beekeeping II
Sat. July 16, 8am-12pm
This class is designed to help the aspiring beekeeper become more knowledgeable about the craft of beekeeping.
Price: $50
To sign up/details:


5 18_16_Plant_Sale

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