Soil Born Farms Digest: CSA Newsletter

October 26, 2016


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ”
-Alfred Camus

In Your Box:
Every Week
Red Kuri squash
New Red Fire lettuce
Red Ace beets
Italian flat leaf parsley
Quickstar Kohlrabi
Tie Dye tomatoes
Dino Kale
King Arthur green bells peppers
Big Beef green tomatoes


Every Other Week
Blue Ballet squash
New Red Fire lettuce
Fuyu Persimmons (Hurley Way Farm)*
Italian flat leaf parsley
Defender potatoes
Tie Dye tomatoes
Top Bunch collards
King Arthur green bells peppers
Big Beef green tomatoes

*If your persimmons are a little green, leave them in your fridge for a few days.

Farm News
By Rachel Shevrin
10 26_16_rachelandguineahogs
Happy Together

This week is the last week for me and my fellow apprentice Leah. It’s crazy to think of all the CSA boxes that have gone out during the past 8 months- I think we’ve eaten some amazing produce.  Alas, like the one last moldy parsnip in your fridge, it is time for us to say our goodbyes. Goodbye to all the wonderful people we’ve met and worked with. Goodbye to the tiny broccoli transplants that we’re leaving before they are ready to be harvested. Goodbye to all the pigs and their silly little snouts. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Interestingly enough, Leah and I are not the only ones who are departing from Soil Born this week. After three hearty years of egg laying and fly eating service, our noble chickens are leaving us. But then coming back to us later in the day to be shrink wrapped and sold as stew birds. They are just taking a quick trip to New American Poultry Co to be harvested. So while this weekend is the last weekend there will be Soil Born Farms eggs for sale in the farm stand, CSA members also have the opportunity to buy stew birds. Also, pork is coming to the farm stand soon. Though the days can be long the work is often dirty, I will miss living on a farm and being so integrated into the agricultural ecosystem. I highly recommend everyone spend some time living on a farm. During my time here I’ve become (somewhat) of a morning person. I’ve seen how fast plants can grow, and how our connection to the Earth is so important.

One of the things that I’ve observed during my time here is that life is cyclical and preparing for fall is very similar to preparing for spring. When I first arrived at Soil Born it was cool and rainy. Rain is expected all throughout this week. The first thing we planted as a group in the field was plants in the brassica family: chard and kale. Guess what we’re planting this week? Kale! The days are becoming shorter again, but they feel much less overwhelming.

I’m very thankful for my time here. I’ve learned so much and have met some really great people here. I hope everyone gets to experience so much learning and tries new things in their own lives- I highly recommend it.  

Featured Herb: Parsley
10 26_16_parsley
This week’s featured veggie is one of my favorite herbs- parsley. Even though it’s October, parsley always tastes like spring to me. I think it brightens up any dish and is so much more than just a garnish! My favorite way to use it is to make a parsley sauce similar to pesto by replacing the basil. From there I’ll spread it on sandwiches or swirl it into soups right before I eat them. It’s also delicious in salads and tabbouleh.

Parsley stores similarly to basil, so either in the fridge or in some water on your counter.

Featured Recipe: Sesame Garlic Green Beans

10 26_16_beautifulchicken
Beautiful Chicken

Dates and Notes
Intro. to Urban Backyard Beekeeping
Date: Sat. Oct. 29, 12-3pm
Price: $25
This class focuses on natural beekeeping practices in an urban setting and DIY strategies to keep your bees healthy. Learn practical skills in how to prepare your own backyard beehive.

FREE Composting Workshop
Date: Sat. Oct. 29, 9-10am
Join Brit Schneider of Soil Born Farms in partnership with Republic Services and the City of Rancho Cordova for this informative and hands-on class where you will learn how to build, maintain, harvest and troubleshoot a compost pile.
Register: call (916) 502-2096 or email, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Succulent Terrarium Workshop
Date: Wed. Nov. 2, 6-8pm
Price: $55, includes materials
Learn about the tiny world of terrariums and design your own sweet garden of wonder in a beautiful hanging glass globe and you will take home one finished glass globe gleaming with succulents and treasures.

Improve Your Environmental Footprint by Gardening with Native Plants
Date: Sat. Nov. 5, 1-4pm
Price: $25
Garden with plants that benefit wildlife, use less water and use little to no pesticides or herbicides.


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