Soil Born CSA Newsletter: The Digest

June 22, 2016


In Your Box:

  • Tango Celery
  • Red Express Cabbage
  • Mixed Beets
  • Napoli Carrots
  • Marketmore Cucumber
  • Red Russian Kale / Chard
  • Mixed Summer Squash
  • Zefa Fino Fennel
  • EOW: King Richard Leeks 
  • EW: Javelin Parsnips

Farm News

By Scott Dunbar

6 22_16_ripphoebe

Phoebe in oats

Happy summer solstice to you! We are certainly beginning to feel the wonders of summer here at the ranch. With the forecast predicting 100 degree days, vegetable and fruit production approaching peaks and animals (and people!) feeling hot and bothered, you can be sure summer is arriving.

In a bit of unfortunate news, we are sad to share with you the passing of our beloved American Milking Shorthorn cow, Phoebe. She was a very special animal that will live long and proud in the hearts of the entire Soil Born family. She grazed this land for 6 1/2 years enriching our soils and helping nourish the earth. She was many families first hands on experience with a cow. She educated countless apprentices, staff and visitors about everything from pasture to milking. She showed Urban Sacramento that cows can not only exist here - they can thrive. She provided us numerous steers that also grazed this land and ultimately nourished us with their delicious grass fed beef.


In the words of her former herdsman, Jared, "She was an epic matriarch." Before she left us, she passed on a beautiful, healthy calf. Calves, just like humans, are social animals and do not enjoy being alone. For this reason, we decided to move our little guy on to our friends at Pasture 42 in the Capay Valley. He will get to live out his days with good company on beautiful pastures.

With the reduction of ruminants at the ranch, we have decided to start utilizing our irrigated perennial pasture for our hogs. We currently have 20 hogs, ranging in ages from 3 months to 5 years, which equates to a lot of mouths to feed. It is exciting to see hogs grazing so enthusiastically on the pasture.

In other news, the Cordova Creek Restoration Project has made vast strides with the crew having established the new creek route and grades. They have even begun to place the rocks that will occupy the creek bottom. It really is amazing to see how much work has been done in such a short time.

Until next time… cheers!


Featured Veggie: Celery

6 22_16_celery

 A good question...

Celery...commonly found providing the color green to your chicken wings, or that tall green straw looking item in your Bloody Mary, has a lot more to offer than first meets the eye. Celery is a member of the carrot family (Apiaceae) that has been cultivated since the middle ages. The stalks are the most familiar edible item here in America, but elsewhere the leaves and even the hypocotyl (or freshly germinated stem) are consumed. The most common variety of celery grown in the US is “Pascal” celery, but we have elected to try another popular variety dubbed “Tango.” Clearly, it takes two to tango. Celery is a common fixture in diets due to its high-fiber, low-calorie nature, although it is not actually a “negative-calorie food.” We hope you enjoy this celery and all the delicious items in your box!


Featured Recipe: Shredded Beet & Carrot Salad


6 22_16_calf

The little calf, Prince Pierre


Dates and Notes:
NEW Flower CSA Shares available:

9 weeks, $90.
Receive a beautiful mixed or single stem bouquet each week starting July 6 through August 31.


Cooking Out of the CSA Box
Wednesday, June 29, 6-7 pm, $10
Learn the nutritional benefits of the veggies we love! Perfect for anyone who receives the CSA box or people who love to cook with fresh seasonal produce.



Garden to Vase: Growing Cut Flowers
Saturday, July 9, 10 am-12 pm, $25
We will focus on flowering perennials, natives and herbs that do well in our climate. Students will learn what works well for cutting as well as the basics of harvesting and arranging.
Instructor: Katie Koch, Flower Mama



Diggin’ In School Garden Training
Monday, July 11 – Friday, July 15, 9 am-2 pm ; $200
This hands-on training will include:
Needed materials and approvals, curriculum examples, basics of gardening with children, creating and communicating your vision, funding ideas and much more.


The Art of Home Cooking: Sauce, Salsa, and Spice – Cooking with Tomatoes
Wednesday, July 13, 6-8 pm, $25
We will cover easy, quick, and delicious sauces (including a no-cook pasta sauce), spicy salsas (and not so spicy), and ways to use those sauces, and salsa to enhance family meals!
Instructor: Tim Shields


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