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September 17, 2014


Every Week
Delicata squash
Red onions
Red Pontiac potatoes
Gold Marconi peppers
Cayenne peppers ***(red and thin, hot peppers)
Padron peppers


Every other week
Red onions
Roma tomatoes
Shishito peppers
German butterball potatoes
Spaghetti squash
Red bell peppers


digest2014 09 17 winter squash

Winter Squash Harvest



digest2014 09 17 pics

Gabi, Britany, and Lucia!


“The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.”     -Martina Navratilova


Farm News

By  George Hurvitt

Amazing news!

Here on the farm-front we have newborn piglets! Millet, our sweet sow, gave birth to 8 beautiful jet black piggies on Wednesday, September 9th at 9 am -- 9/9 @ 9:00

Pretty special times here at the farm as far as I’m concerned. This was the first time as a farm crew, managers & apprentices, we have seen a birth this season. It comes on the heels of some very hot days, and we are lucky that this particular day did not happen to be as such. Millet and the babies are happy for the moment, while Barley the father looks on from a distance. You never quite know what will happen in the coming days, but we are happy farmers in this moment. The farm lady apprentices only have a mere 6 weeks of work left for us on the Ranch. Our apprenticeship ends on Halloween - fitting maybe.


As we move up, or sideways, or in a circle to our next phases -whether that be moving into a tent right next door to our old one, or across the city, or across the wide country. We may have different paths that call us, but we are all in search of the same thing. We are farmers drawn to adventure, intense experiential learning environments, and to places where we can ask “why” again, and again. There are few places that do that well - but Soil Born is one of them.

As we draw to the end of big harvests, and reaping the fruits of the scorched days of summer, this farm, its staff and its affiliates turn to celebrate the food, the people, and the community that we strive to grow food for each day. Our Fall Equinox Celebration is upon us. I hope to enjoy the community engagement it brings to the table, to meet new people, and to keep on learning what food’s ever-changing role is here, and how, as a young farmer, I fit into it. Maybe I will see some of you there.


digest2014 09 17 millet2


Featured Veggie: Roma Tomatoes

digest2014 09 17 roma tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes are our standard paste tomatoes that are perfect for cooking down into homemade pasta sauces and canning for the winter months. Romas, unlike slicing tomatoes, have significantly less water content and a thicker flesh with fewer seeds. Cooking Romas intensifies their flavor. These tomatoes store well in freezer bags and can be preserved for the off-season.     

Roma tomato plants like full sun, and will mature in about 2 months. They make a thick leafy wall of meaty 3-5’’ egg-shaped fruits that will ripen on or off the vine. These plants will only produce once as they are a determinate variety of tomato. Regular watering and 2-3’ between plants will allow for proper airflow and yield the best crop. Roma tomatoes like neutral to slightly acidic soil that drains well.

Although these tomato plants only produce once, don’t be fooled - they will produce 50-200 tomatoes per plant. If you don’t watch out, you may be canning spaghetti sauce for eons!


Featured Recipe: Roasted pepper hummus


Dates and Notes

digest2014 09 17 equinox

Lets bring in the Fall together at our Annual Equinox Celebration!!

The Farm Stand will be closed this Saturday, September 20th during our 12th Annual Fundrasier Autumn Equinox at the Hurley Farm.   We will also be absent from the Midtwon market on Sept 20th due to our fund raiser. We will resume regular hours with the Farmstand and Market on Saturday, September 27th.

We hope to see you at the Equinox Celebration this Saturday, 3000 Hurley Way, 4:30-8:30pm, $60/person! 

Remember, tickets will not be sold at the door. 


If you would like to attend, please visit our website ( to purchase tickets online or the Sac Coop at 1900 Alhambra blvd. to purchase tickets at customer service.   We will be selling tickets over the phone (916-363-9685 ext 650) until 4:30pm on September 18th.

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