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February 18, 2015


Salad mix (Hurley Way Farm)
Fava geens & pea shoots
Brussel  sprouts


Every other week
Green Garlic
Ripbor kale (Hurley Way Farm)
Baby fennel


Han.gry (han-gree) adj.  
A state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state.

Farm News
By Elle Huftill-Balzer

2 18 15 ears

Look at those ears fly!

Well folks, here we are.  The middle of February and we are already hitting the mid 70’s.  It is certainly affecting the field.  The majority of the greens are starting to bolt-bolting is the term used when the plants start to flower and set seeds, signaling the end of their production life span.  We had planned to put one last broccoli harvest in the box this week, but alas, the warm weather beat us to it and put it in a state that we didn’t want to offer it to you as an item.  

Luckily,  the first round of spring greens were sown on Feb 5th, so by the time all of the greens bolt, the new ones should be up and ready for harvest.  

This week, with the lack of rain, we will have to irrigate, which is nice and not at the same time.  Its nice, because that means that the weather is warm and dry enough that we can be planting our spring stuff on time if not a little early.  Its bad, because as you all know, we need the rain to get through this summer.  

What else is going on in the field….we have seen some activity on the pest side of things. The moles and gophers have been working their way around the field, all stealthy like, underground.  They are causing some crop damage, but not too much right now. 


The rabbits come out at night and devour the chard.  Out of all of the things we have growing in the field, the rabbits love the chard and parsley.  One day, the chard and parsley are there and the next, they have been nibbled down to just the rib of the leaf.  To help safe guard our chard, we cover it with reemay, which looks like a big white sheet out in the field.  We tack down the sides with shovelfuls of dirt to keep the rabbits out and to keep it from blowing away.  The parsley, we do the same sort of thing, but with black shade cloth that not only protects it from the rabbits, but  keeps it shaded-it prefers cooler weather and less sun.


 Something new and different the Every Week members will find in their boxes this week is fava greens and pea shoots mixed together. They are a great spring treat and would be great mixed with your salad mix, quickly sautéed for the topping on a main dish or just as a snack. Every other week members, I’m hoping that those items will still be available when we all come back together after the break.  


And just as a reminder, we have a two week break--there will be no boxes on Feb 25th or March 4th, but we will resume our time together on March 11.  I hope you all have a lovely 2 weeks and I will see you in March!


2 18 15 action

Old Spot Pigs in action


Featured Veggie: Citrus

Both weeks received citrus from the American River Ranch location of Soil Born.  The trees here are large and we aren’t sure how old they are, but they keep on producing some of the best citrus I have had.  

The generic name originated in Latin, where it referred to either the plant now known as Citron  or a conifer tree.  It is somehow related to the ancient Greek word for cedar, this may be due to perceived similarities in the smell of citrus leaves and fruit with that of cedar.  

Citrus do not grow true to type from seed.  Say you plant a Persian Lime seed (if you’ve never had a Persian lime, I suggest you hunt one down at a farmer’s market and try it, you will be surprised at the flavor), it will grow something similar to a grapefruit and not something looking like a lime.  For that reason, citrus trees are graphed to root stock so you are sure to grow the type of fruit you want.  There are trees out there that have several different types of citrus grafted to one root stock, so you can have a  tree in your yard that grows grapefruit, oranges, and limes all on one tree.  Sounds like the start to a good summer time drink!!


2 18 15 line

Old Spot Pigs forming a line!


Featured Recipe: Lettuce Soup

Dates and Notes

Beginning Home Gardener Course– Spring 2015

American River Ranch, 2140 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova

Individual Price: $225

Dates and Topics: Visit our website


A Garden in Every School Symposium 2015

Sat. March 14 9am-5pm and Sun. March 15 9am-2pm at The Met

$60 per person for both days,  we do not offer a one day price.


Visit our website for more details

Propagation for Home Gardeners

Wed. March 18, 2015

5:30pm - 8:30pm

Soil Born Farms greenhouse manager Michele Ranieri will teach you a variety of techniques for growing plants from seed and from other plants. You’ll take some plants home with you too!
Instructor: Michele Ranieri, Soil Born Farms.

$35, $30 Co-op owners


Note: This class will be held at Soil Born Farms American River Ranch, 2140 Chase Drive in Rancho Cordova

Summer Day Camp registration is now available:

Early bird pricing $175, registration after April 3, $195.



2 18 15 daylin

Daylin teaching a class at our GYG Garden Clinic on 2-7-15

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