Invest in the Possibilities

We hope you will take a moment and reflect on what Soil Born Farms means to you and our community. We are providing leadership and collaborating with others to address complex dilemmas facing our society. It's the time of year when we need your help to sustain our work and reach our fundraising goal by Dec. 31. No gift is too small, it all adds up to positive change. Invest in the field of possibilities today and help us reduce hunger and improve health with innovative, practical solutions leading to meaningful change in the Sacramento region.

Please Help Us:

• Prevent diet-related diseases with good nutrition.
• Raise awareness about healthy eating and organic agriculture.
• Empower and create self-reliance through education and engagement.
• Grow and harvest more food in the city.
• Provide life-changing experiences for youth.
• Build more school gardens and train teachers.
• Teach organic farming methods and train urban farmers.
• Protect and conserve natural resources.
• Establish a Center for Food, Health & the Environment at the American River Ranch.

We count on your generous support to continue our work and service to the community. Thank you!

All tax-deductible gifts will be matched thanks to the generosity of Western Health Advantage, Dave & Maxine Clark Family and the Weiland Family.

The People Advancing Our Mission

Soil Born Farms is a social change organization comprised of a diverse group of talented and inspired individuals united around a shared vision to make a difference in our community.

Meet Melanie Choy

I've had the pleasure of working at Soil Born Farms nearly 6 years. I marvel at the changes that have taken place in my time here: New farmers and staff to befriend, new fields in production, site improvements to our kitchen and outdoor classroom and incredible work gleaning, growing school gardens and community-building. At the same time, my own family and community have been growing. Often — certainly in my own past work lives — work life and personal life are two very separate spheres. With each year at Soil Born Farms, the two parts of my life intersect more and more. My child loved her time at Summer Day Camp this year (see photo : ); my friends make it a point to be at the Autumn Equinox, other parents in my child's kindergarten classroom work as partners on our programs and events, my local grocery store worker's wife brings her students to Soil Born on field trips, and my neighbor is a donor! I am thankful to have found a way to use my skills to support the vision and mission of my workplace and it is more and more apparent that in doing so I am also supporting my own community! Soil Born Farms is our community farm: Imagine the Possibilities. Please donate today. ~Melanie Choy

quoteThe impact Soil Born Farms has on the Sacramento community is astounding. Their thoughtful and holistic approach to the region's food system is revolutionizing the way Sacramentans eat.

~Leo C. Buc, Common Vision, Co-Executive Director